Elechomes K02-U08GE-03 21-Watt Space-Saver HEPA Air Purifier with Aromatherapy (White)

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• 21 watt power draw;• Personal air purifier is ideal for traveling or for use in enclosed spaces up to 215 sq. ft.; ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, dorm rooms, RVs, kitchens, etc.;• Refreshes air 4x an hour or 120 sq. ft in 20 minutes; CADR clean speed up to 80 cu. meters/hour (2,825 cu. ft./hour) helps create a comfortable living environment; 100% ozone-free;• 3 stages of filtration for easy breathing; replaceable composite filter;• Pre-filter traps large pollutants;• H13-grade HEPA filter traps tiny particles to effectively capture up to 99.97% of particles up to .3 microns; particles larger or smaller are trapped with an even higher efficiency;• Activated carbon filter minimizes VOC odors like formaldehyde and benzene;• 3 fans speeds: low, medium, and high with 360deg air circulation;• Sleep mode, timer settings of 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours, advanced noise-reducing and double ball-bearing fan blade, and industry-leading motor help to keep the noise levels as low as 23 dB;• Aromatherapy function to scent the air;• Indicator light can be turned off for those bothered by lights while sleeping;• Dimensions: 9.2 in. H x 6.2 in. diameter;• Includes user manual;• White;

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