Perfect online stores LLC is headquartered on sunny Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California. Owners Tim and Laurel Sanchez operate two retail stores; Avalon Pack and Ship Store (P.A.S.S.) and PASS Electronics formerly an award winning Radio Shack store here in Avalon CA. Radio Shack corporation filed bankruptcy in 2015 and the Avalon store was reinvented as Catalina Tech Shack until it was purchased by Perfect Online Stores LLC in 2019 and the name was changed to PASS Electronics. 
Perfect Online Stores started out in 2006 as a side hustle for Tim who at the time was working as a SCUBA instructor on Catalina Island. Tim obtained a seller agreement to sell dive gear and underwater photography equipment online via an eBay Store. Unfortunately the supplier he was using was sold and ultimately went out of business so Tim’s entrepreneurial efforts had to go in a new direction. 
Tim and Laurie got married in March of 2009 and after a short time in Northern Nevada returned to full time living on Catalina Island. They worked as innkeepers at the beautiful Avalon Hotel for many years while tim worked various side jobs to save money for starting a business. They ultimately purchased the Tech Shack, formerly the Radio Shack store, in 2019. Tim and Laurie also opened the Avalon Pack and Ship Store next door and they run both stores with 3 employees. Late in 2021 they began work on developing online sales channels including an eBay store and Avalon PASS online as a consumer electronics online store. Perfect Online Stores LLC is now a multi-Channel e-commerce business anchored by 2 brick and mortar stores in Avalon California.