Cobra POWER 500-Watt Multipurpose Power Inverter



Cobra POWER 500-Watt Multipurpose Power Inverter

Harness the power of your vehicle's DC battery! Add the convenience of home appliances on your next road trip or even turn your car into a mobile office. The Cobra POWER 500-Watt Power Inverter turns your car battery into usable A/C household current. It is ideal for cross-country travelers, campers, RV enthusiasts who want to charge and power their smartphones, laptops, entertainment devices, and small appliances—or for when a power outage occurs. Count on Cobra for power where you need it.


  • IDEAL FOR ENTERTAINMENT DEVICES AND SMALL APPLIANCES: Provide the power to work, play, or get away with the POWER 500W inverter for your devices and appliances
  • 90% EFFICIENT MODIFIED SINE WAVE: Highly efficient inverter, giving your devices and appliances longer run times and extending your vehicle's battery life
  • 500 WATTS CONTINUOUS/1,000 WATTS PEAK: 500 watts continuous can help safely power everything from fans to mini fridges to entertainment devices
  • REMOTE ON/OFF CONTROLLER INCLUDED: Monitor and charge devices from anywhere inside your vehicle with the included remote
  • 2 GFCI-PROTECTED AC OUTLETS: Easily power up to 2 of your entertainment devices or small appliances with GFCI-protected AC outlets for each
  • 15-WATT USB FAST-CHARGE PORTS: Quickly charge your smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices from the convenient USB-A and USB-C ports
  • PENTAGON PROTECTION SAFETY AND CETL CERTIFIED: Built-in protection for overtemperature, reverse polarity, overvoltage, low-voltage alarm, and low-voltage cutoff
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Industry-leading 2 year warranty provides complete peace of mind
  • REMOTE COMPATIBLE: Monitor and charge devices with fast charge USB from anywhere inside your vehicle
  • LED DIGITAL DISPLAY: The LED display will show you voltage (V), kilowatts (kW), watts (W) and error codes
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING SAFETY: When you need safe and reliable portable power, nothing comes close to a Cobra
  • RUGGED INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: Designed to look and work great in your car, truck, RV, or semi
  • 16-IN. #10 AWG AND 12-VOLT CABLES: Includes heavy-duty direct-to-battery and convenient 12-volt accessory power cables

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