DEWALT 140-Watt-Continuous Power Inverter



DEWALT 140-Watt-Continuous Power Inverter

The heavy-duty DEWALT 140 Watt Power Inverter converts a vehicle's DC battery power to household AC for power on the go! It powers or charges devices via its AC and USB outlets. Just plug the power cord into a vehicle's 12-volt DC port (cigarette lighter) to enjoy the convenience of a 120-volt AC household outlet and 2 USB ports! The AC outlet can handle small appliances and electronics. The 3.1 Amp USB ports allow you to charge and power smartphones, tablets and much more from just about anywhere. An installation kit is included for mounting in your vehicle.


  • Converts vehicle's DC power to household AC for power on the go
  • 120V AC power outlet
  • Dual 3.1A USB outlets
  • Silent operation-no loud, annoying fan
  • Backlit power button with power & fault indicator
  • Built-in ground fault protection
  • Short circuit & low battery protection
  • Heavy-duty housing with rubber overmolds
  • Rubber outlet covers
  • 3ft heavy-duty power cable
  • Includes mounting kit with removable slide

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