RCA HDMI® Cable with 1 Right Angle Connector, 6ft



RCA HDMI® Cable with 1 Right Angle Connector, 6ft

Let's face it. HDMI cables can be hard to connect, especially if space is tight. This 6 ft. RCA DHH690SF HDMI Cable with One 90° Connector is a great solution. Having an HDMI cable with a right angle connector means you can more easily hook up your A/V equipment without awkwardly placing the cable.


  • Connects an HDMI-compatible A/V source to an HDTV
  • Carries uncompressed HD video (up to 2160p) and digital audio signals
  • Supports high-speed HDMI, 3D, Ethernet, ARC (Audio Return Channel) and 10.2 Gbps
  • Single 90° connector


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