MyBat Pro Wireless Charging Pad (15W) - White



MyBat Pro Wireless Charging Pad (15W) - White
Customers can solve multiple charging issues with a Wireless Charging Pad so they don't have to connect and unplug cables anymore. All they have to do is place their devices on the pad, and they'll be fast charging in no time! Compared with standard wired and wireless chargers, this 15W charger supplies 3X the power, allowing customers to save up to two hours on charging time! The intelligent output detection automatically determines what power output is required to charge the device, and it does so with nearly silent operation. Customers don't have to remove their cases to charge since it can charge through most protective cases up to 3mm thick. Rubber grips keep customers' devices from sliding and prevent scratches while offering a stylish finish to the charger.
Compatible with All Wireless Charging Phones & Earbuds
Intelligent Output Detection
Powerful 15W Output
iPhone & Android Fast Charge Compatible
Soft Touch Rubber Grips
Quiet Operation
LED Power Indicator
Ultra-Slim & Compact Design
Incredible Safety Features

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