QFX Wireless Dynamic Microphone System



QFX Wireless Dynamic Microphone System

This QFX Twin Pack Wireless Dynamic Microphone System is designed to give you great bang for the buck. Two wireless unidirectional microphones give you directional sound pickup capability so you don't pick up ambient noise. Signal indicators for each microphone ensure that you don't have to worry about reception—just watch the indicator to see if you still are in range. Quickly and easily add sound pickup to your system with this wireless microphone 2-pack.


  • Works with karaoke & PA systems
  • Twin-pack wireless microphone system
  • Dual signal indicator
  • Freq range: VHF/FM 109-120Mhz
  • Freq resp: 100Hz-1kHz
  • Freq output power: 8mW
  • Deviation range: 30kHz
  • Includes dual wireless microphones, receiver, telescoping antennas, 2 x 9V batteries & dual signal indicators for unhindered mobility


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