RCA Flat Coax Extension Cable



RCA Flat Coax Extension Cable

Have an outdoor TV or satellite antenna? There's no need to drill through walls to feed the antenna cable inside. Simply use this white 18 in. RCA Flat Coaxial Extension Cable! It was designed and engineered to provide the easiest and safest method without the need for drilling. It's thin yet sturdy enough so it can be fed along the bottom or doors or windows while withstanding repeated impact or bending from doors or windows repeatedly being opened or closed. The 3 GHz low-loss design supports HDTV, CATV, and satellite applications.


  • Flat, coaxial type-F extension cable for easy and safe door/window feed through
  • 18 in. length supports home or vehicle doors and windows
  • Eliminates need to drill through walls
  • Designed and engineered to withstand bending or repetitive impact
  • 3 GHz low-loss design supports HDTV-CATV and satellite applications


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