ReTrak Retractable 65W Universal Laptop Charger and Power Adapter



ReTrak Retractable 65W Universal Laptop Charger and Power Adapter

Charging your laptop will never be the same with the ReTrak Retractable Universal Laptop Charger and Power Adapter. This universal laptop charger is the ultimate upgrade from any other personal charger on the market. This universal laptop charger comes with 13 interchangeable adapter tips that provide compatibility with thousands of Ultrabooks, Notebooks, Laptops, and Netbooks. With this universal laptop charger, you can charge all of your laptop and notebook devices with a single cord. Gone are the days where you are stuffing multiple different chargers and their cords into your backpack or letting them take over your work space. The 2 USB power ports included with this universal laptop charger allow you to charge more than one device simultaneously. You can customize the cable length of this universal laptop charger, which has a retractable cord that extends up to 9.5 ft. Whether you need to charge your laptop across the conference room table while you present, or on your lap while you work, it has you covered. It also comes with a convenient travel pouch to keep everything together. When you are done, it retracts to a compact size that's perfect for commuting and travel on-the-go.

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