Tripp Lite TOSLINK® Digital Optical SPDIF Audio Cable (3ft)



Tripp Lite TOSLINK® Digital Optical SPDIF Audio Cable (3ft)

Don't settle for less than the best—enjoy the ultimate in true digital audio quality! This Tripp Lite TOSLINK Digital Optical SPDIF Audio Cable (3ft) assures peak audio performance from DVD players, CD players, mini-disk players and more—providing you with the deep, detailed, rich sound you paid for. Unlike cut-price cables, the cable is manufactured to exacting specifications, using superior materials, for a difference you can clearly hear. Lifetime product warranty.


  • Superior-grade optical fiber & precision-polished optical termination
  • Offers the best possible sound quality through digital fiber-optic signals
  • Immune to all forms of RFI/EMI
  • RoHS compliant
  • Lifetime limited product warranty
  • 3ft

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