MyBat USB Type-C Digital Audio Earphone - White



MyBat USB Type-C Digital Audio Earphone - White
These USB-C Digital Audio Earphones are designed for optimal performance and are tough and durable. Thanks to the custom-tuned drivers and built-in digital to analog converter, you will enjoy clear, high-definition digital audio when listening to your favorite music or watching movies! By utilizing the in-line volume control and integrated microphone, you can easily adjust your volume and be heard clearly during calls. Ergonomically designed silicone ear gels ensure long-lasting comfort while providing the perfect noise-isolating fit.
Made for USB-C
High-Definition Digital Audio
Built-in Digital to Analog Converter
Hands-Free Music & Calls
In-Line Volume Control
Integrated Microphone
Ergonomic Design
Noise-Isolating Fit
Long-Lasting Comfortable Wear
Incredibly Durable Cable
1-Year Warranty

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