Wagan Jump Boost V6 Red



Wagan EL7551 JumpBoost V6 Jump Starter Battery Jump Starter Portable Power Supply 600 Peak Amp USB and 12V DC Power Outlet, LED Spotlight

JumpBoost V6 - Ideally suited for everyday road warriors, the JumpBoost V6 is a perfect roadside companion for 4 and 6 cylinder vehicles and motorcycles.
Taking up a minimal amount of space, the JumpBoost V6 offers a 12V DC Socket, 2 USB Power Ports, LED worklight, and a battery booster (jump starting clamps). Handy to have while camping, tailgating, or for emergencies, the JumpBoost V6 by Wagan Tech is well suited to power your next adventure!

  • Starting Amps: 200A; Peak Amps: 600A
  • Jumper cable gauge: 5 AWG, 24-inch
  • USB Power Ports: 2
  • DC Socket: 12V - 11A Circuit Breaker

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